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Elevating your business to greater heights with corporate internet & IT transformation. Enjoy best corporate internet in Chittagong. Get 30 days trial connection without any commitment. Experience first & take a decision later.

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Switching to Biznet is easy & profitable.

Cut off your old internet service provider & switch to Biznet to get dedicated corporate internet with IT infrastructure.

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From government organizations to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Biznet serves a wide range of clients.

Uptime Guaranteed

Uptime Guaranteed

Enterprise-grade network with backup connection for 100% uptime service.

Official Partners

Official Partners

We have partenred with giants like Barracuda, Dell, Mikrotik, Huawei, HP, Redhat and more to serve you reliable solution.

Take Your Business to the Next Groovy Level!

With over 21 years of expertise in the realm of fiber networks and network infrastructure solutions, we bring extensive experience to the corporate sector.

Corporate Internet

Corporate Internet

Enjoy uninterrupted connection upto 150Mbps

Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Build your network infrustructure on our dedicated cloud services.

Spam Free Email

Spam Free Email

No more spam filled emailbox. Our spam free email solution will make life easier.

Network Security

Network Security

Are you monitoring your network? We will make sure all your traffics are safe.

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

All our clinets get a dedicated support engineer & 24/7 call center support.

Backup Solution

Backup Solution

All your files will be stored in a secured storage along with multi layer backup.

Why you should switch to Biznet?

Everything you need for internet & IT success in one place customized for you.

Redundant Connection

Stay perpetually connected to the internet with our 100% uptime guarantee, backed by a seamless transition to Line B in case Line A experiences any interruptions, ensuring a consistently smooth online experience.

Protection Against Threats

Defend your network against email-borne viruses, malware, and spam, safeguarding it from harmful threats while also conserving precious internet bandwidth.

Better Connectivity

Explore cutting-edge MPLS technology to ensure maximum privacy, enjoy provider independence for enhanced resilience, benefit from service level guarantees covering latency, jitter, and packet loss, access enterprise-grade security and accessibility, and take advantage of round-the-clock monitoring, management, and support.

How switching to Biznet is profitable for your organization?

We’ve teamed up with local vendors to offer you a comprehensive A-to-Z business solution at absolutely no cost to you.

Enjoy Free Home Connection

With every corporate connection, you’ll receive two home connections absolutely free of charge.

Let Us Take Care of Your IT Headaches

From troubleshooting to resolving hardware and other corporate tech-related issues, our engineers will expedite the solution process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Biznet?
Biznet is an internet service provider company based in Chattogram, Bangladesh. They offer a range of services, including corporate internet, network security, cloud services, IT services, CCTV setup, backup solutions, and more. Biznet is dedicated to providing comprehensive technology solutions to businesses in the Chattogram region.
Why I should switch to Biznet?

Switching to Biznet can offer several advantages for your business:
Reliable Internet: Biznet provides reliable internet services tailored for corporate needs, ensuring your business stays connected without disruptions.

Network Security: They offer robust network security solutions to protect your business from cyber threats, ensuring the safety of your data and operations.

Cloud Services: Biznet’s cloud services enable you to efficiently manage and store your data, enhancing accessibility and scalability.

IT Services: Their IT services help optimize your technology infrastructure, improving efficiency and productivity.

CCTV Setup: Biznet can set up CCTV systems, enhancing security and monitoring for your business premises.

Backup Solutions: They provide backup solutions to safeguard your data, ensuring business continuity in case of data loss or system failures.

Local Expertise: Being based in Chattogram, Biznet understands the specific needs of the local business community, offering personalized services.

Customer Support: Biznet is known for its responsive customer support, ensuring that any issues are addressed promptly.

Switching to Biznet can provide your business with a reliable, secure, and technologically advanced solution to meet your internet and IT needs.

Do I need to pay for the trial connection?

“If you meet the requirements for our free trial offer, there are no associated costs.

How can I contact the call support?

Upon onboarding with us, you’ll be assigned a dedicated support engineer. You’ll have access to your support engineer via phone calls, text messages, and WhatsApp.

How do I cancel your service?

We sincerely apologize if you encounter any issues with our services. We are wholeheartedly committed to delivering top-notch service. If you ever decide to cancel our service, a simple phone call is all it takes, and our team will promptly deactivate your connection.

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